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Choosing the right printer rental for your business needs
December 11, 2020

Choosing the right printer rental for your business needs

Printer rental (or copiers) are essential business technology- every bit as important as laptops, smartphones and monitors. Equipment capabilities and performance will vary – therefore it’s important to be clear on which machine best fits your requirements. We carry a diverse range of printers with different features in large quantities that will cater to temporary office set ups, large scale exhibitions, international meetings and more.

Thermal Printers

The demand for thermal printers comes as no surprise. When thermal printing technology was introduced, many businesses including theatres, retail shops, hospitals, FNB establishments and more turned to this printing method.

Thermal printing utilises heat to produce crisp print quality without the need for ink, ribbon, or toners. Thermal printers have been increasing in popularity thanks to its print quality and speed, graphic capabilities, and continued technological advances such as the RFID feature.

Zebra is known for several technologies. These include thermal barcode label and receipt printers, barcode readers and RFID smart label printers, which are popular for their quick, efficient printing. We carry various models suitable for multiple applications based on your event requirements. If you’re looking for a performance printer for onsite badge printing at your next event, Zebra printers will be an ideal option.

Multifunction Printer and Copier

What is the difference between an MFP and a copier? To put it simply, an MFP printer has the ability to copy, print, scan, fax and perform other tasks while a standard copier can only make copies. In today’s context, businesses heavily rely on MFPs to scan physical documents and email them right to their laptops as digital PDF versions.

The widespread usage of an MFP helps streamline business processes and improves productivity. Copiers, on the other hand, are lacking in such functions but they are faster in speed and better suited for long, heavy-duty print jobs where hundreds or even thousands of copies are needed at a time.

With either device, it is important to consider the intended use based on your requirements and needs. If you are unsure or have any questions, we as an event technology company can help assist in recommending the most appropriate device for your application. Enquire with us today!