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How to Avoid Long Registration Queues
December 9, 2020

How to Avoid Long Registration Queues

The first impression counts, and it’s never a pleasant experience for attendees to arrive at an event to long queues. Their first impression need not be boredom if you’re looking for them to return.

Over the years, the self-registration kiosks have been helping to reduce queues. A self-service solution improves the efficiency of event check-in and lets attendees enjoy their experience from start to finish. It also reduces the need for paper and minimises unnecessary clutter on registration counters.

More on Simpler Event Registration:

It may sound complex to create a self-registration kiosk for your next event but it is as easy as having 3 components. First, you need the technology. Different combinations of hardware will be ideal depending on your event goal and venue space available.

For instance,  a business event will include iPad, iPad stand, and a barcode scanner. Additional add-ons can include badge printers for creating passes, tickets, badges and even wristbands on the spot wirelessly.

Next, you’ll need a user-friendly event registration platform that is aligned with your needs. In order for the self-service process to be as smooth and streamlined as possible, it’s crucial to have a user-friendly interface that attendees can navigate easily.

With countless event registration platforms available on the market, it may be tricky to decide on one. Over the years, we’ve been working with reliable software partners and are well-positioned to help find the best platform for your event requirements.

Finally, the process of self-service helps to reduce or reallocate the number of event staff needed. We recommend placing a technical event staff member near the self-registration counter to provide assistance as needed to attendees. For events that require onsite badge printing, having event staff can help facilitate the process, including attaching the badges to the lanyards for greater efficiency.

The Right Event IT provider

Self-registration can be completed in a matter of seconds. The right technology and software make this possible. It’s important to provide your attendees with an effortless check-in process by engaging the right event IT provider. We’re a global brand with over 10 years of experience in event technology solutions and supported events in over 60 countries; we have the knowledge and the right technology to guarantee a successful digital experience.

Eliminate long registration queues and improve your event experience with us today. Find out more about how our IT solutions can help and get a free quote. Contact us for a free consultation!