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Should you rent or purchase your tech equipment?
December 3, 2020

Should you rent or purchase your tech equipment?

The question that goes around all the time: Should you rent or purchase your tech equipment? Let’s dive in deeper into both options and you can determine which of the two is a better decision for your event goals and needs:

Advantages of Purchasing

1.It is more straightforward.

Purchasing can be done easily and quickly. You basically decide on what is required, and once decided, you proceed to purchase.

2.Your equipment is deductible.

Most of the time, newly purchased assets are deductible at a partial or even full cost. Some areas may even receive government support. Remember to check in for various benefits available for your business, especially when considering a large investment such as purchasing technology.

Advantages of Renting


1.You stay on top of the latest event technology trends.

Tech equipment like laptops and computers will begin to depreciate as soon as you unbox it. Technology is constantly evolving, and event planners are expected to keep up to date to the latest event technology trends to provide the best digitalised experience.

Renting offers customers a range of the latest options in one place. Technology is expensive and quickly becomes obsolete. For businesses who aim to create cutting edge events experience, you want to ensure access to the latest equipment at all times.


2.You never worry about maintenance, storage, or security.

Technology is a huge investment. To ensure that you get the most for your investment, it’s crucial to have regular maintenance and the right type of storage. We store our technology in a climate-controlled environment secured properly in an area with 24/7 security.

Our team goes through consistent maintenance and updates for our equipment and ensures they are in peak working condition. After all, in the event business, you cannot afford an equipment failure. With 10 global locations, we can also help with delivery anywhere in the world, along with the local technical services and knowledge when required.

3.High likely a more cost-effective option.

By opting for hardware rental, you can easily acquire sophisticated technology at an affordable price. Renting helps you to budget more effectively as monthly expenses can be projected more accurately. This benefits small enterprises and enables them to keep up with larger competitors. It is a win-win situation. A wide variety of highly advanced technology is made available at a much lower price. By incorporating the latest cutting-edge technology to your event, it creates a “Wow” factor on your event which leaves a deeper impression on your audience, while reducing costs.

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