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Technology & The Events Industry
April 12, 2020

Technology & The Events Industry

Technology is always ever-changing with improving features due to its rapid evolution. With technology being the driving force behind almost everything in today’s world regardless of industry, the opportunities for the future world will definitely be amazing. It is crucial to keep up with the changes, speeds, and capacities to meet the demands of your clients.

Over the years there has been a steep rise in the number of events incorporating technology to improve the overall experience for attendees. It is no doubt that digital solutions are often used to enhance the events sector. Business conference for example, now look into solutions like event apps and self-registration kiosks to increase engagement and efficiency. Conference apps allow organizers to display an interactive event venue map, event schedule, further reading materials, options to feedback in real-time, etc. Organizers can also set up self-registration kiosks that consists of just an event registration system, a compact tablet along with a floor or desktop stand, minimizing manpower costs and maximizing efficiency.

The scope for digital enhancement within events goes much further, take Virtual Reality (VR) for instance. VR has been a popular tool to provide entertainment and interaction at events. However, outside the realms of gaming and entertainment, VR also gives businesses innovative ways to connect with people which enhances a number of business processes.

Apart from the drastic shift of live events to virtual or hybrid ones, live streaming has gained a steep popularity during this uncertain time. Driven by social media giants, Instagram and Facebook, many businesses have shifted to live streaming to promote their products and services. The functionality of live streaming also gives event organizers the option to increase both audience reach and engagement by catering to the audience who are not at the actual event yet allowing them to experience it from a remote location. This will then translate to people discussing about the event and increase the likelihood of existing and new attendees to sign up for future alike events.