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The Importance of Having a Quality AV System at Your Event
December 10, 2020

The Importance of Having a Quality AV System at Your Event

An audiovisual (AV) system consists of both sound and visual components such as speakers, projectors and screens, LED video walls, lighting, mics and more. Together, this technology creates a dynamic, compelling sensory experience. Imagine being at a carnival without any music or attending a conference without presenters!

Audio brings an event to life and makes one of the first impressions on your attendees. Visual equipment such as LED video wall hire also help to capture the public’s attention- thanks to its vibrant, large display. AV systems hold a significant role in attracting the public’s eye, keeping your audience engaged, and aligning the aesthetics of the overall event to its specific theme and branding.

Audio Equipment

From announcing the winners at an award ceremony, to presenting a session at a conference, the combination of quality speakers and microphones is a must for your event. We provide wireless handheld mic rental for presenters who prefer having the freedom to move about while presenting. Some speakers prefer having a mic in their hands. For hands-free options, we also carry lapel mic rental that is compact, simple to use and crystal clear.

To ensure a smooth, uninterupted speaking session, our mic rental produces high-quality sound output, with zero feedback or audio delay. Our speakers offer high-resolution sound and wide bandwidth. With this combination, you’re on your way to delivering the ultimate presentation or performance that will captivate and inspire your audience.

Visual Equipment

Specific visual equipment needs to be matched with specific venues and dimensions. For instance, LED video walls are great for creating eye-catching content at large scale exhibitions, fundraisers and retail settings. LED video walls can span as wide as 20 meters if you have adequate space. This is a display that you won’t want to miss. Our team is capable of installing LED video walls for both indoor and outdoor settings with the right optimal viewing distance (pixel pitch) of your LED Video wall for your attendees.

For smaller scale events such as meetings and trainings, we often recommend digital signage and monitors that come in various sizes and dimensions. To elevate the experience, hire touch screen monitors to improve interaction and engagement!

Touch screen technology is easy to use because it’s so intuitive. Incorporate this technology into your next workshop and training and you’ll notice the difference in engagement levels and productivity. It also makes the learning process easier to read and interact with- as well as more interesting!

The right event lighting makes all the difference and can create a lasting visual impact on your audience. It helps to set the tone and bring out the intended ambience and mood of the event.

Lighting transforms the entire dynamic of the event, improving the overall look and experience. We offer a variety of event lighting available for hire that is suitable for different venues, stages and event settings. Along with our own in-house team of lighting specialists, we can help deliver an unforgettable bespoke event.

With a consultative approach to understanding your event requirements and needs, and a no-pressure approach, we can help build a customised AV event solution to that is as successful as it is memorable. Reach out to us today!