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The Rise in Demand for Virtual and Hybrid Solutions
December 4, 2020

The Rise in Demand for Virtual and Hybrid Solutions

With virtual meetings and presentations becoming the norm and taking over the event landscape, the demand for hybrid and virtual solutions is on the rise. To meet this growing demand, we have been expanding our VR experience offerings to cater to businesses and organisations that are moving into the virtual arena.

Speaker Kit for Professional Virtual Meeting

The pandemic has drastically altered the way we work and virtual meetings are now the new normal. Aside from team meetings within a workplace, businesses are pivoting to virtual appointments for insurance coverage, legal consultations and trainings, conferences, board meetings and more. Patients can consult doctors remotely through telemedicine with the use of technology and video-conferencing tools.

It’s no doubt that virtual meetings play an essential role in the way we work but the question here is, how do we host an effective meeting and ensure a professional setting? Technology Rental provides a Speaker Kit Care Package that includes 3 essential speaker kit components to create professional and quality feeds for your virtual meetings.

The package includes a Streamer Webcam Pro for flexible and enhanced video quality that you can rely upon, a Condenser Microphone to produce crisp sound (with better sound quality yields better engagement), and an LED Ring light with tripod stand to ensure the right lighting regardless of the surrounding ambience.

Speak to us if you are interested in bespoke services for your event or branding for a more personal touch. You can choose to add on accessories like floor stands, a customised backdrop, green screens, lapel mics, and more. Contact us for more details!

Live Streaming Made Easy

Live streaming can be quite daunting as it involves technology, cameras and a live appearance. Since the pandemic, the growth in live streaming has been exponential and such solutions have been in high demand.

As live streaming continues to grow, Technology Rental has been meeting such demands with our VR offerings. This consists of a variety of 4D and HD camera equipment, digital mixer, technical control desk, bespoke lighting and audio, and a customisable set backdrop. We are also providing camera operators, webcasting technicians and sound engineers who can assist with onsite support.

To cater to various live streaming goals and requirements, we offer a consultative approach to build a unique set of solutions for each of our clients. Get in touch with a member of the team today to ask about our VR offerings, as well as Virtual and Hybrid event solutions!