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Event Badges Sourcing

Event Badges Sourcing

Badge printing for event

As part of our Registration and Badge printing solutions, Technology Rental provides badge and lanyard sourcing for our clients. We understand that event badges play a significant role in most of corporate functions and events because it allows easier interaction and identification among attendees as their names and company they represent are clearly displayed.  

Badge source
badge source

Event badges in various materials

Our team is here to assist with the customization of badge printing for event based on your requirements. Some events revolve around certain themes and require specific badges and lanyards, for instance, events that promotes sustainability. Over the years, we have established close working relationships with our suppliers to bring our clients the highest quality of badge stocks, preprinted materials, and lanyards. We offer materials that can be reused to reduce carbon footprints to align with the main focus of the event, that is to promote sustainability and a green environment. Event badges comes in various sizes and types, for instance the most commonly used dimensions are 8x10cm and 10.5 x 14.85cm and it can come fan-folded, double sided, sticker labels and many more. Not only event badges are essential for identification of delegates during events onsite, it also plays a vital role in identifying different groups of people specifically at a large-scale event. Take for instance, the Media, Vendors, Speakers, VIPs and more.  

Looking to purchase in bulk or personalized branding?

With our promise of the highest quality along with our fair prices, we enable clients to purchase in bulk for a more cost-effective option as they can utilize them for both now and in the future. We also have our own in-house Graphic Designers to help achieve the type of personalized branding that you are looking at with a vast range of materials available. The fact that we have been operating for more than ten years in the industry, we have seen different sorts of requirements and regardless of how challenging it is, we always say “Yes!” to our clients. This separates us from most event technology vendors out there because we thrive on challenges and work together to offer the best ultimate solution for each and every single one of our clients.