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Live Event Streaming

Live Event Streaming

More and more organizations are looking into live event streaming because of the size of audience and the potential new group of audience it can reach. At Technology Rental, we have successfully installed the equipment and provided technical support to countless events. Choose to live stream events to channels like LinkedIn, Facebook Live, YouTube and many more, or even stream to numerous platforms simultaneously.  

Multi Platform streaming

Teradek Cube

Cube packs world-class video quality into a rugged, portable chassis for quick IP video deployments at any location. Each encoder and decoder includes HDMI and 3G-SDI I/O, Ethernet / WiFI connectivity, and full duplex IFB.

  • HEVC(H.265) & AVC (H.264)
  • Max Resolution: 1080p60
  • Up to 30 Mbit/s
Multi-Platform Streaming

Multi-Platform Streaming

Push your live video feeds to Facebook, YouTube, decoders, and more with Core’s multi-platform distribution. There’s no limit to the amount or type of destinations.

  • Reliably manage your Teradek devices
  • Live stream to your online audiences on multiple platforms
  • Deliver live video to broadcast hardware and software
  • Record in the Cloud

Multi-Platform Streaming

Reach a wider audience by streaming to multiple platforms simultaneously. Restream is natively integrated into top streaming softwares, like OBS Studio, SLOBS, Elgato, XSplit, and many others.

  • 30+ Social platforms, from giants to local gems
  • Multiple channels on a single platform
  • Add live voiceovers and translations to your streams.

What are the essentials for live event streaming?

Firstly, you need to determine which cameras to go for. A camera that does not automatically shut off or overheat will be ideal. Choose from our wide variety of industry-leading cameras with various lenses to suit your desired composition. You also need a strong and sturdy tripod to provide a clean and stabilized streaming process. Secondly, preferably wireless microphones with dedicated receivers which enables your presenters to move around without any restrictions. Thirdly, decide on your streaming destination platform(s) and whether it should be open to public or only private audience, and if it is a paid or free stream. Lastly, a video encoder is a key aspect for live event streaming because it allows you to convert the video input into a digital format that makes it compatible with the majority of Web players and mobile devices. Our Teradek Cube enables you to stream to any online platform, including Periscope, Twitch, YouNow and more. Each encoder and decoder features HDMI and 3G-SDI I/0, ethernet or WiFi connectivity with full duplex IFB.  

Instantly Stream to Your Preferred Social Media Sites

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