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Digital Signage Rental

Digital Signage

Digital Signage Rental from leading brands

Part of our Audio-Visual solutions is our widely popular digital signage rental. Digital signage makes a difference for events as it can be used to display presentations, rolling promotions, important details like directory, program list, and so on. At Technology Rental we provide services such as preloading of customized content for our digital signage rental, onsite technical supportand timely deployment. Choose touchscreen hire options to increase audience engagement and interactivity at your event. We carry only best designed digital signage from leading brands such as Yamaha, Samsung, iiyama 

TV Screen / Digital Signage Monitors

TV Screen / Digital Signage Monitors

LED Video Wall Hire 

Sizes available: 32”, 55”, 85” & LED  

Carrying only the best technology brands in the industry – Panels Available in Samsung, LG, Panasonic, iiyama 

Monitors and TVs, Digital Signage, Android-ready screens, available in different stands like Unicol® stands to suit different event types.  

Touch Screen Monitors

Touch Screen Monitors

Touchscreen Hire at Technology Rental 

Sizes available: 27”, 32”, 43”, 55”, 65”, 75”  

Our touchscreens come with capacitive touch technology – a technology which uses a sensor grid of micro-fine wires integrated into the glass that covers the screen.  

With the glass overlay, the touch function remained unfazed even if the screen is damaged enabling it to be highly durable, offering an immersive performance. Works well with a human finger (also latex gloved) and stylus-pen. 

Suitable for both small and large venues

Incorporate technology like digital signage into an event enables your messages to be conveyed effectively in a professional and sleek setup. Our digital signage consist of high definition monitors and touchscreens in various sizes, suitable for both small and large venues. Looking for an option that is more suitable for a large-scale event? Capture the attention of your audiences with our LED video wall hire that can go as wide as 20 meters. The colors produced are so vibrant and dazzling that it will be impossible for your audience to miss this display! 

Operate with ease

We have also recently rolled out a new range of products that includes the Digital Signage and Contactless Sanitizing Kiosk available for rental, lease, or purchase. With this kiosk, organizations can display personalized or promotional content while providing sensor activated auto dispenser which supports 5000ml of hand sanitizer. Comes in 21.5-inch display, with wall mount or floor stand, and customized branding options available. Suitable for all types of events including conferences, exhibitions, workplaces, public spaces, everywhere and anywhere to operate with ease. Speak to any of our Account Managers to find out more about this recently launched product!