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VOIP Services

VOIP Services

What are Wireless Links?

One of the most distinct benefit of event VoIP is the ability to make calls from anywhere. Voice over Internet Protocol, VoIP in short, is basically a technology which enables the conversion of voice into a digital signal that in turn allows you to make a call directly from a VoIP phone, a computer, or any other data-driven devices. Some may ask, why utilize VoIP? Event VoIP yields multiple advantages that include increased accessibility, lower costs, higher scalability and many more. It is a great solution for corporate meetings and functions that generally consists of video conferencing, or for temporary office set ups. 

Desk Phones

Desk Phones

We offer a vast variety of desk phones which provides dynamic business communications for professionals and executives. These include brands from Yealink, Grandstream and Fanvil.

  • Allows numerous SIP accounts 
  • Unparalleled audio clarity 
  • Gigabit Ethernet technology 

iOS & Android Applications

Both iOS and Android users can make any phone calls over 3G or from any WiFi hotspot with this application. It is user-friendly as well as extremely reliable.  

  • Make and receive calls from your smartphone – at no cost  
  • Set your status to ‘available’, ‘away’ and ‘out of office’ from your smartphone 
  • See the status of your colleagues from anywhere. 

Web Tool

Take advantage of video conferencing as an online meeting tool. 

  • Launch calls on your desk phone from your desktop. 
  • Access to full range of Unified Communications features 
  • Easy to use and manage Work seamlessly as if you were in the office and save on call costs 

Event Telecoms

At Technology Rental, we offer event telecoms solutions for events such as workshops and training sessions, conferences and meetings, temporary office setups and more. With VoIP technology, one can simply connect callers from all over the globe regardless of the area and distance. It also enables remote work as event VoIP enables employees to stay connected to the corporate phone system, combined with VoIP phones features such as conference calling, auto-attendant, call transfer, and many more that are typically not provided by traditional phones. This allows increased accessibility and flexibility among the workplace, and employees can remain effective and productive despite of where they are. 

VOIP solutions with powerful connection and good bandwidth

When VoIP service just started to become increasingly popular, its key disadvantage was its weak call quality. Calls may get disconnected out of the blue, voices may sound disorientated, the whole quality itself is a con for this technology. Fast forward to today, with strong, reliable, and fast Internet connection, VoIP calls produces clear and crisp voices, eliminating lag, call dropouts and latency issues. Looking for solutions for powerful connection with good bandwidth? Technology Rental also offers event WiFi solutions catered to various requirements.  

Instant Number Provision and SIP Trunking Solutions from Anywhere In The World.

Instant Number Provision and SIP Trunking Solutions from Anywhere In The World.

Local Number DIDs for a range of event types, including temporary and permanent office setups.