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Cellular iPad Rental

Apple Cellular iPad

Cellular iPad Rental

At Technology Rental we offer a variety of cellular iPad Rental to cater to mobile events that generally requires mobility and connectivity at the same time. For instance, brand activation and outdoor events, survey and data collection, field inspection and many more. We offer customizable data packages because we know that various events have specific requirements. In addition to our standard data packages, our customer support team can customize a data package for you according to the amount of data required and rental duration.

iPad with SIM card rental

Require cellular iPad Rental for overseas business trips? We stock iPad with Sim card rental in huge volumes and can deliver them to anywhere in the world. With 9 offices located worldwide, we can deploy Cellular iPads easily within a short notice of 24 hours. Staying connected and working on the go have never been so easy with our cellular iPad rental. We also provide preinstallation services and deliver the device fully charged so users can use it immediately upon arrival. 

What is a Cellular iPad?

Some may ask, what is the difference between choosing an iPad with WiFi and an iPad with Wi-Fi and Cellular. The main difference between the two is that a WiFi-only model is unable to be made into a cellular data service iPad. It is only able to connect to the Internet via WiFi access or wireless. On the other hand, Cellular iPads offer the best of both worlds. Apple iPads that are enabled with cellular date service sports a GPS antenna with SIM card slots just like a mobile phone. Users are not required to solely depend on available WiFi networks with the data SIM card, offering connectivity on the go and in remote areas which may not yield traditional WiFi infrastructure. This means users no longer have to worry about searching for a WiFi hotspot or tethering your iPhone to work on an iPad, providing great convenience and accessibility anytime, anywhere.  

Need more information on renting Cellular iPads or WiFi iPads? Contact a member of our team and we will assign a dedicated Account Manager to address your requirements.