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What is a Wifi box?


Introducing one of our latest addition is the WiFi in a Box, and it does exactly what it is called. The WiFi in a Box comes in a portable and durable pelicase, designed with a wheeled pull handle for easy transportation. The WiFi box is created for over 100 users in a 40-metre radius and scalable if needed to cater to a larger audience and distance. It is a great solution for clients who are looking for a fuss-free, all-in-one plug and play WiFi set up which is ideal for a variety of events from different industries. Our WiFi box is highly sought after for events like festivals and carnivals because of how convenient and reliable it is even for large and outdoor settings.  

WiFi box that starts in 3 minutes! 


The WiFi in a Box uses 4x 4G/LTE advanced service provides which provides increased performance and 99.9% uptime. Our WiFi box features traffic shaping and Bandwidth Control per user, with optional additional private SSIDs (WiFi networks) and passwords. It also provides remote access management for live remote support 24/7 with user bandwidth and usage analytics. Simply plug it into a regional plug, flip the switch and the WiFi box starts in 3 minutes! It complies with all main WiFi security standards with web content filtering. Increase the exposure of your event by creating branded signage that informs attendees of the complimentary WiFi provided and direct them to a personalized landing page with your company and event logo. Reach out to us for customizable login and landing page services to help better convey a streamlined message to your audience.  


At Technology Rental we offer a complete, tailormade solution for each and every single one of our clients. We do not just stop at technology hardware as we offer additional services such as technical event staffing, onsite support, Project Managers, and more. We also boast one of the largest inventories of event technology in Singapore and beyond to cater to large- and small-scale events. Having strong and seamless connection plays a crucial part to ensure a successful digital event experience. Talk to us today if you are interested in our Wifi box, our customer support team is available 24/7 any day.  

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