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Event Logistics

Event Logistics on a Global Level

At Technology Rental, we place utmost importance on event logistics and invest in it substantially. This marks a distinct difference between us and any other IT event technology vendors because we are capable of providing deployment within a short notice of 24 hours to all corners of the globe. With 9 operating offices worldwide, we can support last minute fulfillment when other technology operators are unable to do so. Over the decade, we have created a network and process that allows us to move equipment across borders smoothly and seamlessly, even in areas that are traditionally challenging.
With a global presence and combination of experience and contacts, event logistics is one of our specialties that we take strong pride in. As part of our value-added services, we guarantee that our equipment reaches our clients timely regardless of any unexpected situations. Even if it means getting on another plane if the current route is being cancelled due to any unforeseen circumstances. We have deployed to numerous countries and are familiar with the procedure even of areas that are typically more challenging to deliver to. We always say “Yes!” to our clients regardless of how challenging and specific the requirements are.







Our inventory of event technology is one of the most extensive in the world, capable of catering to both small and large sized events. This includes the option of renting our equipment in bulk for a more cost-effective option.

Hardware Maintenance And Support
We handle all hardware maintenance and support so that you can save the hassle of consistent upkeep of hardware. We utilize our technical expertise while you can outsource the inventory you require and we can manage the rest for you.

Logistics And Onsite Installation
We offer 24/7 support for logistics and onsite installation for your convenience. Leverage on our smooth, efficient and failsafe freight forwarding for a safe and timely deployment of equipment to any parts of the world.

All of our equipment are stored securely in our warehouses with 24/7 security throughout the world. We also offer storage services for our product partners and clients which enables them to minimize costs yet maximize utility, with overnight access to 9 operating office worldwide.