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Registration Hardware

Registration Systems for Events

Facing cluttered counters and unorganized registration processes? Transform your registration process at your next event with our event badge printing and check-in solutions! We offer a complete or customizable package for registration kiosk hire that includes iPad, iPad floor or desktop stand, badge printer, scanner, badge paper and lanyard solutions, and we work closely with software companies to provide registration system for event if required.  

Linea Pro Scanner

  • Gives iPod Touch and an iPhone the ability to scan barcodes and QR codes through pressing the buttons on the side
  • Functions as a magnetic card reader to take payments
  • Scanner charges the iPod or iPhone when it’s in use

Apple iPod Touch 6th Gen

  • Use with Linea Pro to take payments and scan QR codes
  • Screen size: 4 inch
  • Display resolution: 1136 x 640
  • RAM: 1GB
  • Battery: 1043mAh
  • Camera: 8MP
  • Storage: Up to 32GB

Zebra Barcode Scanners

  • Scan QR codes & barcodes
  • Type: Bluetooth / wired
  • Bluetooth scanners work with iPads and Androids
  • Wired scanners work with laptops
NFC Reader

NFC Reader

  • Refined, professional appearance looks great in any application
  • Deployment in either main PA or floor monitor position
  • 1100-Watt Class-D amplifier module speaker
Badge Printing & Lanyard Solutions

Badge Printing & Lanyard Solutions

  • We offer personalised branding to cater your specific event requirements.
  • Whether it’s the ability to include barcodes for visitor tracking or full credential passes, we can personalise these badges for your event needs.
Field Drive Kiosk

Field Drive Kiosk

  • The unit fits in a compact flight case and can be setup in less than 3 minutes.
  • Can operate independently from an internet connection and can continue to print badges when the connection is interrupted.
  • The kiosk can be also branded with your own custom designs.
Registration Event

Event badge printing solutions and more!

We are proud to be global product partners with Zebra Technologies and Epson, as well as other leading brands to bring you the most ideal registration hardware solutions. This also means that our clients are offered the best rates on such hardware without compromising on the quality and reliability of the product. We also carry a diverse range of badge printers to cater to different applications and usage, as well as a range of scanners, readers, badge printers, lanyard solutions, Field Drive Kiosk to onsite staffing. 

Field Drive Kiosk

We pride ourselves on quality customer service which is why we often take our clients’ feedback into consideration and expand our inventory to meet demands and expectations. The Field Drive Kiosk is a solution to meet the demands of those who are looking for a quick, efficient and compact way to solve their registration hardware needs. This kiosk can be setup within minutes and connectivity is so flexible that it can operate independently via an Internet connection, and even continue printing event badges in the event of a disrupted connection. Create custom designs that align with your brand and event theme with the Field Drive, which can instantly enhance the overall appearance of your event and create brand awareness at the same time while getting the job done.  

Registration hardware solutions for a variety of events

Over the years we have supported registration hardware solutions for countless events such as conferences, trade shows and expos, networking sessions, seminars, festivals and carnivals and many more. We offer onsite staffing for our clients who require an additional pair of hands, whether it be support for registration process, or standby for any technical assistance. Technology Rental strives to provide a comprehensive solution to all our clients’ needs to guarantee a pleasant and successful hiring experience with us.