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Structured Cabling

What is Structured Cabling?


Structured cabling refers to the complete system of cabling with relevant hardware that results in a comprehensive telecommunications infrastructure. With this infrastructure, a vast range of uses can be served for instance, to transmit data over a computer network or to simply provide telephone service. Every structured cabling system is unique, especially when it comes to event networking cabling because there are many variations present. Say the building’s architecture structure that houses the installation of cables, or the products of the cable and connections, client and events requirements, the cabling installation’s functions, and many more. A structured cabling system is extremely useful for events, especially for those events requires a strong, reliable, and high-performance circuit for data, voice, and video application.  


Our high-performance circuits offer the infrastructure needed for business data, voice, and video and data applications. Utilised for MPLS, internet or site to site access. 

Our telecommunications networks are suitable for any sized event that operates across multiple office locations, utilises cloud-based services or remote working setups. 

From next-generation MPLS networks to VPN and point to point circuits, receive WAN solutions which yield high-speed, ultra-reliable and secure inter-site and internet connectivity. 

Our project Managers work with you from idea initiation to the deployment of your event infrastructure. 

We can manage every step of the process or just be where you need us to be on various elements such as concept, system design, install, and derig. We have an experienced, highly trained team behind us to provide the necessary components of a successful event solution. 

Structured Cabling Event 


Structured cabling for events can get increasingly complex and are controlled by a certain set of standards. Our Network Engineers have been managing this for the better part of a decade and are very familiar with the layout and design of the structured cabling system to have a methodical approach to ensure a good airflow for the best effective results. By leverage on our expertise, clients are backed with the precise planning and onsite consultation to deliver a successful structured cabling system for a variety of events around the globe regardless of the existing architecture infrastructure.  

Are you looking for structured cabling event solutions? Leave it to the professionals! At Technology Rental, we have been designing, planning, delivering, and installation structured cabling solutions for events around the world. This consists of Multi-Site WANS, Ethernet Circuits, Leased Lines and Project Management.  

We offer event structured cabling that has a fully scalable bandwidth up to 10GB, equipped with industry leading SLAs and dedicated Internet connections so that the bandwidth will not be reduced or slower in speed. With telecommunication networks that can cater to any sized event, operation across global offices and the utilization of cloud-based services or remote working set ups will never be simpler or easier. Consult a member of our team to find out more comprehensive details on our event structured cabling solutions. 

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