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Wireless Links Hire

Wireless Links Hire

What are Wireless Links?

Technology Rental offers point-to-point wireless links hire to enhance the performance of the wireless network. Such links are basically a set up between two locations which are within the Line of Site (LOS) of each other. Many times they are commonly used for telecom, networking and security application. With radio links rental, wireless links hire can cater to short-range link to long-range link, depending on the requirements. Many factors can affect the distance of the range and such factors include the power level, frequency used, interference of the environment and the height of each Ethernet radio device. Such point-to-point wireless links are often seen at vast festival and open site areas. Most often or not such areas lack of Internet connection and require a temporary site-to-site link. 

Wireless Links

Industry-leading wireless links solutions

To provide a more cost-effective option for our clients yet at the same time offer a strong, reliable connectivity, Technology Rental decided to bring in industry-leading wireless links solutions for our clients. Wireless links hire are significantly more affordable than having to lay a fibre or leased line, and running fibre may not even be ideal for specific areas and sites for an adequate performance networks for events. When it comes to events, there are no room for delay as the process has to as seamless as possible. Our range of wireless transmitter comes in various ranges with zero delay regardless of the distance. Whether it a connection between two locations that are a of short range, or with tens of miles apart from each other. 

Technology Rental understands that that wireless links hire can be a complex process to comprehend and this is why we provide free consultations to all of our clients. We take a consultative approach to better understand your requirements in order to work out a completely customized solution suited for your specific event. What stands us apart from the other vendors is that our team are all equipped with high level of technical expertise to offer only the best and most reliable solutions. We are happy to provide assistance whenever needed, drop us an enquiry in the live chat below! We are reachable 24/7!