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Event IT

Event Technology & Technical Planning

Onsite Tech Support
Our technicians can provide onsite or remote tech support based on your needs. They can handle the configuration and installation of equipment, fulfill any ad hoc tasks onsite, set up and secure stable Internet connection. Our technicians can also be placed on standby to troubleshoot and rectify any technical issues when required.

Project Management
We have a team of project managers that offers complete consultation from conceptualization to the execution stage of your event. This consists of the liaising with the venue staffs on all the planning elements like development of the event, content and software integration, arrangement for event hardware installation and many more.
Site Surveys
We can send our team for site recces to gather crucial important of the event venue to better build a suitable event technology solution based your requirements and the location. This also enables a preevaluation of any potential hazards and risks to ensure a smooth yet safe operation.

Custom Software
Each event comes unique with a set of specific requirements. We provide bespoke app and software building for each Each event comes unique with a set of specific requirements. We provide bespoke app and software building for each

Pre - Configuration
Our services include the pre-configuration of equipment and systems according to your event specification so that you simply plug and play our devices upon arrival. Eliminating any trouble and the hassle of adjusting technical settings and concerns about incompatibility, this speeds up the installation and setup process making it more efficient
Operational Expertise
With the assurance of fulfilling countless successful events over the years, our operations and logistics team are best at what they do. They can manage numerous deployment and distribution accurately and swiftly, and arrange the right transportation to get your equipment delivered timely at where you need it to be

Wi-Fi Installation
Looking for Wi-Fi solutions? Our Network Engineers are specialists in this field to help deliver and install reliable, secure and fast Wi-Fi for any events regardless of the existing infrastructure on a global level. Some solutions include Access Points, Satellite Internet, Personalized Bonded Internet and others
We provide a consultative approach to our clients with event planning, management and logistics to guarantee a successful outcome. Our consultation is based on decades of accomplished global events covering all variations, with our team possessing years of events industry experience