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Event Technicians

Event Technicians

Hire event tech

At Technology Rental, we not only carry all the equipment you require for a successful event, we also offer event technicians to ensure that everything runs smoothly. Our technical event staff are seasoned experts, equipped with many years of on ground experience to provide a complete consultancy approach. Customized to fit your technical needs at any scale, our services include logistics, delivery, setup, installations, de-rigging, packing up, software, staffing, hire event tech, and event technology hire.  

IT Technicians
Our IT Technicians can configure your equipment and install them swiftly within the allocated time. They can also be placed on standby to provide onsite or remote support such as troubleshooting of any technical issues or offer technical assistance to your team members.
AV Technicians
Our AV Technicians are backed with years of ground experience in configuration and installation of AV equipment for events of different sizes and scale. They are specialized in cable installation, PA systems, live streaming and broadcasting for events, diagnostics and more.
IT/AV Assistants
To guarantee that there are no room for errors to deliver a successful and pleasant hiring experience for our clients, IT/AV assistants are put in place to render assistance and support whenever required. For instance, sound checks, coordination of graphics, syncing on Internet connections and more.

Network Engineers
The majority of events these days require a secured, high-speed and reliable Internet connectivity. Our Network Engineers are experienced to manage every aspect of network solution regardless of the existing infrastructure, this includes installation, set up, troubleshooting of errors, repair faulty connections on site.
Lighting Engineers
Our in-house Lighting Technicians are equipped with years of expertise to help program and operate stage lighting equipment. They can help set up, rig, monitor and control the lightings professionally to provide a seamless visual experience for your guests.

Complete Project Management Solutions

Front conceptualization to onsite execution, we are able to be involved in every aspect of your event. Having the right hardware and software is undeniably important, but it is the team behind you that will ensure the success of an event. Our technical event staff are trained and well-rounded with years of experience in this aspect. They are equipped with a multitude of skills to provide assistance in the initiation stage of an event to troubleshooting any technical issues that may occur during the event. Whether we play a supporting role or provide comprehensive support, we assure you that our technical event staff will deliver high-quality technical service.