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Microphone Rental

Mic rental from top and reliable brands

Technology Rental specializes in event technology solutions and we carry an extensive inventory of equipment like mic rental to cater to different event themes across all industries. Leading players in the sound system of Singapore consists of Yamaha, SennheiserJBL, Shure and more. At Technology Rental, we only provide top and reliable brands like the above mentioned and this includes, lapel mic rental, portable speakers, digital mixers, etc. Our Sound Technicians are experienced and equipped with the right skills to guarantee the sound clarity is perfectly suited to your event and venue. 


A versatile wireless system lapel mic rental for those who need to go hands-free and extreme mobility for your presentations. With impressive wireless transmission and a vast range of frequencies, this mic produces clear and high-quality sound output. Boasting a running time of up to 8 hours and a large transmission range of 100 meters, this lapel mic is the perfect wireless option.



The best handheld mic rental that is commonly used at majority of events in Singapore. This mic produces great sound up to 10 compatible channels with an user friendly all-in-one wireless system. It boasts convenient features like one-button scanning and synchronization, with intuitive icon-based indicators. A handheld mic ideal for presenters, singers, or for anyone who is looking to exhibit impressive onstage performance.  

The Technology Rental Promise

 With one of the widest range of Audiovisual equipment in Singapore, we have supported numerous large-scale events as we are able to cater to the huge variety and quantity of event technology equipment needed. Our team consists of specialists in various areas such as Sound Technicians, Network Engineers, Project Managers, Graphic Designers, Event Technicians and many more. We can be involved in your project as early as the initial conceptualization stage or even just as an additional pair of hands during the event. We listen to your requirements attentively, offer our most heartfelt suggestions, and help build a customized solution based on your event needs. What separates us from the rest of our audiovisual vendors here in Singapore is that we always go the extra mile for our clients, and we never say no even to the most challenging event. Our commitment to say “Yes!” to every event has in turn made us improve significantly on our skills and knowledge, earning the trust of many clients by delivering multiple successful events.