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Satellite Internet Hire - Incredible Wireless Internet Solution For Your Events

Get high quality and speedy wireless internet connection for your event. Satellite Internet hire is perfect solution to provide memorable experience to your audience!

Satellite Internet

Satellite Internet Events Worldwide

Planning a festival, carnival, roadshow or an exhibition at a secluded area or an area lacking existing infrastructure? Technology Rental provides tailored made solution for satellite internet hire to such areas that are inaccessible to Internet from a fiber-optic internet service provider, DSL, or cable. Our Network Engineers are specialists in this field to provide a complete installation services of satellite internet done professionally. With satellite internet events, you can access to the Internet from everywhere and anywhere, with an estimate download speed range of 12 Mbps to 100 Mbps. Technology Rental currently operates from 9 offices around the world, offering global deployment within a short notice of 24 hours. Our prices remain fair with various options for long- and short-term solutions.  

What is satellite Internet hire?

Satellite Internet is a wireless connection that generally consists of 3 satellite dishes, one located in space, one at the dedicated Internet service providers hub and the other will be attached to your event venue. The ISP (Internet Service Provider) will send the Internet signal to the dish that is located in space and it will then be relayed back to you. Satellite Internet hire is capable of handling high bandwidth usage which is a great solution if you require a stable and strong Internet connection at your event. The Internet speed and quality will not be compromised even if there are multiple devices connected at once. Live streaming at events can be made easy and simpler with satellite Internet events.  

During all these years of operation, we often have clients that comes to us with an idea in mind but are unsure of how and where to begin. Especially for event planners who are constantly searching for current event trends to enhance event experiences. At Technology Rental, we help take the idea and turn it into reality by providing solutions tailored to your requirements entirely. We understand that each event has a different set of requirements, for instance a corporate conference completely differs from a sport festival. Outdoor and indoor setting also plays a huge part in putting together the right hardware solutions that will work. Our team at Technology Rental are backed with years of skills and expertise and have faced numerous types of event over the past decade. Get in touch today! We are always available for a free consultation at anytime and any day.