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Laptop rental for training  


Dell laptops, being one of the leading names in the industry, offers a laptop for every need. We carry a vast selection of Dell laptop rental from business notebooks like the Latitude and XPS series to powerful, cost-effective gaming laptops from the G series. Dell constantly impresses us with their attractive and innovate designs for instance the Latitude 7400 2-in-1 laptop which is designed to stand out. Looking to rent a decent all rounder laptop for work application or corporate events? Dell laptop rental will be a great option for professionals as their devices are reliable and user friendly with a sturdy exterior. Clients often opt for the Dell Latitude series when it comes to laptop rental for training as its features are business orientated which boosts efficiency and productivity for workflow 

Latitude Series


It is no doubt that Dell laptops is on the shortlist for your corporate events and functions. Dell launched the laptop family of Latitude series which is intended for business use and they are categorized into different feature sets based on their business focus. For instance, security features are often implemented so securely store highly confidential and important files and pictures with Dell Data Production/Encryption. To increase security when required, users can create tiers of security authentication to further restrict access to the hard drive with Trusted Platform Module. This is extremely critical for corporate events as confidential documents may be involved. To meet its demand, we stock huge volumes of Dell Latitudes in every of our 9 offices located worldwide. Regardless of the quantity and specification required, Technology Rental can provide the solutions to your event needs.  

Dell’s G Series


Aside from the Latitude series, Dell’s G series is the successor to the Dell Inspiron Gaming series and is highly popular in the cost-effective gaming laptops space. The G series offers the latest Intel processors that ensures impressive performance for gaming, editing, or working on any high workload projects. Equipped with powerful CPUs and graphics, combined with efficient cooling technology, the G series is designed with the needs of mainstream gamers in mind. Gameplay will never be easier and more accessible 

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