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LED Wall Rental

Technology Rental provides the perfect led wall with the best clarity and brightness. Get Led wall rental for your events and make your attendees happy. 

Rent Led Video Wall

Are you considering an rent LED video wall installation for your upcoming event in Singapore? LED wall hire is becoming increasingly popular at a variety of events because of eye catching and effective they are in increasing brand awareness, conveying messages and displaying content. There are numerous types depending on which LED video wall hire you are looking for. For instance, Direct View LED video walls provides maximum brightness and a seamless experience. LEDs can be tiled together to create a seamless video wall as they have minimal or no bezels. Indoor LED video wall on the hand is used for the majority of indoor video screen application such as to advertise, inform and entertain. They are usually made of surface-mounted light emitting diodes and such displays are evident even from a short distance. Contact us for LED screen hire, Great for meetings and events as they help effectively deliver content in crystal clear resolutions.   

Led wall rental

Things to Take Note of for LED Wall Hire:

 It is important that prior to the installation of a LED video wall of this size, there are a few things to take note of. Firstly, the location of the LED video wall, whether it is an outdoor or indoor setting. The setting is crucial as it determines how much resolution is required to display a sharp and vivid content. Secondly, the pixel pitch, basically the distance in millimeters from the center of a pixel to the center of the adjacent pixel. This plays a key aspect as it affects the viewing distance. For instance, the smaller the pixel pitch, the closer the viewing distance. You need to find out the optimal viewing distance of your screen to determine the best suited pixel pitch value. Say you are planning an interactive touch screen solution so this requires a low pixel pitch to produce sharp images for the nearby audience. Thirdly, ensure that you engage a reliable and trusted LED video wall vendor who listens to your needs.  

Fuss-free and Efficient Hire Process

Our event technicians have installed multiple LED video wall for both outdoor and indoor settings over the decades. We ensure that the installation and tear down is a fuss-free and efficient process that enables your event to commence timely, and we make sure that everything is running smoothly throughout the event. If you need more details on led wall hire service, speak to our available customer support team in Singapore who is available 24/7 today.